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Our Story

about us

I'm Erica

I grew up in a small farming town in Northern California. In high school, I took a floral design class: due to that class I fell in love with wedding design. I attended college to study agricultural business, but I decided to realize my dream of becoming a wedding planner instead of pursuing that career. I spent several years soaking up as much knowledge and experience in the field as I could, until I finally booked my own planning clients. I continued to eagerly plan weddings  and loved it, but something was still missing! 
There was an opening at a floral design studio close to where I live. I applied and got the job. This changed my life. I realized that floral design + wedding design = my lifes work.  After working there, I branched off and began Dry Creek Blossoms, which has been a wonderful adventure.

I am married to the love of my life, Zac, and we have two sweet dogs: a Queensland Heeler and a Labradane. They make the world go round!

my favorite things:


Daily routine

My favorite daily routine is taking morning walks around  local vineyards with my two dogs.



I would have to say my favorite splurge is either on a trip to the local spa, or visiting a new-to-us fancy restaurant with my husband.



I love to spend time with my mom and my dogs in our shared rose garden. Fun Fact: My mom is a talented floral designer, and she works with me!



My favorite restaurant is the Stonehouse, which is located at San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara. It's more than just a good meal - its an experience you'll never forget!



My husband, Zac. He also plays an invaluable part on the team as the mechanics guy. He can brainstorm or troubleshoot pretty much any structure for floral design installation! He is so talented and I'm lucky to have him.


part of my job

Forming connections with wonderful clients and their families, while making their wedding day everything they've dreamed of.